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"Studies indicate that AHCC supports the immune system by increasing the production of the body's 'natural killer cells,' whose function is to destroy abnormal cells and invading organisms in the body. I recommend AHCC to my patients for both immune support and liver health. The science is undeniable."*

Paz E, MD
Sherman Oaks, CA

"I found an animal study on AHCC very compelling. It suggested that AHCC has antioxidant effects and may protect against disorders induced by oxidative stress. Animal studies have shown AHCC to enhance resistance to bacterial infection by increasing inflammatory cytokine and chemokine expression as well as lymphocytes. AHCC can enhance mice's resistance to West Nile virus by improving T-cell response. In chemotherapy-induced granulocytopenic mice, AHCC improved immune
response to the fungal agent Candida albicans. AHCC has been shown to enhance natural killer cell activity in vitro and induces the endogenous cytokine IL-12 in mice."*

John M, MD
Columbia, MO

"Active Hexose Correlated Compound is one of my favorite immune enhancing products for my clients and for myself. AHCC is a mushroom extract supplement that is cultured with enzymes, concentrated and freeze dried. This product is a mixture of polysaccharides, amino acids, lipids and minerals. As a Clinical Nutritionist for over 15 years, I recommend this Japanese "Superfood" for clients needing support for health issues including: chronic viruses, cancer, liver problems, mood support and just overall well being.Although this product has been studied on both humans and animals I think that the full extent of its value for human health has yet to be discovered and documented. It is believed that it may increase macrophage activity, natural killer cell function and enhance cytokine production. I read that oncologist's in Japan regularly use AHHC to treat their cancer patients along with other more conventional methods of treatment and the results are promising."*

Juli K, B.S.c, CN
Licensed Clinical Nutritionist
Hermosa Beach, CA


"As a research scientist in both academia as well as the human and animal industries, I would highly recommend AHCC and would do so over any other nutraceutical on the market for modulating and keeping the immune system strong and functioning for overall health. AHCC is especially important when the system is being stressed by many different diseases and conditions. As an animal scientist, I have used (even on my own pets) as well as recommended to so many the use of AHCC when a pet is suffering from diseases, such as any autoimmune disease and all forms of cancer. Supported by so many hospitals and research studies, I, along with all of my colleagues, have seen AHCC work as a powerful complimentary addition to all integrative approaches (i.e., in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation) and is truly a requirement for full as well as accelerated recovery from surgeries and many life-threatening injuries. I cannot say enough about this incredible compound that I have been using myself for so many years!"*

Dr. Robert B, MS, MVSc, PhD
Research Biochemist/Pharmacologist
Loxahatchee, FL

Cold and Flu

"I didn't get sick once last year, and I work at a school with a lot of children who often have a cold or flu. I am a big believer in AHCC."*

Kathleen N.

"I have been taking AHCC for six months. I have more energy, feel better after Chemo, my cancer is not growing, and I have not had a cold or flu. I love it."*

J. Richard B.

"Being a parent of 5- and 7-year-old boys, I started taking AHCC to protect myself from the many germs and viruses my boys came in contact with at school. AHCC, in combination with probiotics, has made my immune system unbelievably strong!"*

Mark B
Hermosa Beach, CA

"I heard about AHCC through a friend of mine. I work in the health office at an elementary school and am constantly exposed to a variety of illnesses and viruses that the students bring in to my office throughout the day. Taking AHCC helps keep my immune system healthy and strong. So far this year I have not been sick and I would attribute this to taking AHCC every day."*

Jen P
Menifee, CA

"I've used AHCC to strengthen my immune system for many years with great success. AHCC is particularly helpful during flu season."*

Diana L
Torrance, CA

"AHCC toughens my body's natural defense system and makes me a disease fighting machine."*

Bonnie B
Torrance, CA

"I came across AHCC when I was looking at alternatives other then getting the flu shot, which always seemed to make me feel bad the next few days after I took it. AHCC seems to work at giving the immune system the boost it needs during the flu season.Last winter I felt great all year, despite the fact I always used to get sick at least once every cold season. I think preventing sickness the natural way is the best way!"*

Bryce T
Tulsa, OK

"I love AHCC. I haven't had so much as a sniffle since I started taking it regularly. And frankly, now the bedroom is a place to play rather than recover."*

Dan M
Burlingame, CA

"I am a very active person and live a very healthy lifestyle. As a result, I do not get sick often. However, when I feel a bug coming
on, I turn to AHCC to turn up my body's immune defense. AHCC has worked well for me in those cases. I also strongly believe in AHCC for its possible impact on diseases such as cancer. I make it a part of my daily regimen."*

Jeramie B
Hermosa Beach, CA

"Since I began taking AHCC a few years ago, I cannot remember the last time I had a cold or even a tickle in my throat. My immune system is much stronger. And, most importantly, it is stronger in a natural way!"*

Wendi V
Los Angeles, CA

"AHCC is a promising immune booster. Based on the current published research, there is obviously some buzz in the wellness space on Active Hexose Correlated Compound. The impact of boosting liver function in terms of boosting your body's own natural ability to detoxify itself, cannot be touted enough."*

Kim Droge P
Clearwater, FL

"Being an avid big-wave surfer, I travel the world in search of world-class surf. That said, I pass through many time zones and often surf in very cold water. I used to get sick all the time. A friend told me about AHCC and its immune benefits. I began taking AHCC a couple of years ago and haven't been sick since. That stuff is awesome!"*

Steve C
Costa Mesa, CA

"I became a Mom 2 years ago and had no idea how hard it would be. I now have 2 kids. I have had so many sleepless nights taking care of 2 babies. It's just a lot of hard work. Plus, I work a full-time job. I was getting sick all the time. I don't like pharmaceuticals and am always looking for natural solutions. I came across AHCC during my research. I was impressed with the science and decided to try it. I am astounded by the results. I haven't been sick since I began taking AHCC. In fact, I feel so good, my energy level has even increased."*

Caroline Haber V
Gilbert, AZ


Breast Cancer

"As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I was extremely motivated to find an herbal solution to augment my mother's treatment as well as bolster both of our immune systems. After rigorously investigating available avenues, I concluded that AHCC was the best option. I am happy to report that we are both healthy — ”and it is 14 years later!"*

Rebecca K, Ph.D
Santa Cruz, CA

"After being diagnosed with and treated for Stage 2 breast cancer 9 years ago, I started taking a mushroom supplement which was subsequently removed from the market.  I then replaced it with AHCC which I been taking for 7 years.  To date, I remain healthy and cancer-free!"*

Jill S
Fair River, N.S. Canada

Prostate Cancer

"In 2006 my psa-test was 1.8 ng/ml,in 2008 it jumped to 3.5,my family doctor let me go to a urologist. He checked the psa again, dre(digital rectal exam),but at that time I could feel the symptoms like frequent urination,dripped,burning sensation and blood in the urine. After biopsy the result was : one specimen had 5% malignancy and gleason score 6, the second one had "atypical acinar proliferation" and the other 2 negative,also the psa was still 3.1 and dre negative. I started taking AHCC in march 2009 and still untill today,psa did not increase and almost constant between 2.3-3.8 for about 3 years and negative dre. Even with the bonescan in sept.2010,no symptoms of metastasis. The wonder is after taking AHCC for 1 month,the prostate symptoms was gone. The urologist said that my cancer is not growing and I told him I had regular intake of AHCC."*

Ken S
Costa Mesa, CA


I just wanted to give a testimonial about using your wonderful AHCC product. My name is Alina and I have been battling bile duct and liver cancer for the past 4 years. Over those past 4 years and 6 months I have taken your AHCC product daily along with my scheduled weekly conventional chemo and radiation treatments. During this time I have endured the following. 65 chemo treatments and 15 Proton radiation treatments with NO HAIR LOSS. I maintained a great appetite without the use of a doctor prescribed medication to increase my appetite. Blood work continues to be good on a weekly basis and energy level has been good and I am able to take lengthy daily walks of at least 1 hour. Weight has been maintained at a good level. All of the time I know that all of the items mentioned above would not be able without the daily usage of your AHCC product! AHCC continues to be a part of my daily routine and has proven to work for me!"*

Alina T
Sherman, TX


"After being diagnosed with CLL in 2006 I saw my WBC slowly but steadily climb to 45,000 in September 2008. My wife recommended I take AHCC and after reluctantly and grudgingly considering this recommendation, I investigated the research available on Google and found that AHCC seemed to be helpful and safe in cancer/leukemia conditions. I began taking 500-1000per day in September 2008 through August 2009, without noticing any side effects. My WBC continued to climb but slower than the previous 2 years and reached 55,000 in August 2009. At that point I increased the dosage of AHCC to 3 gram/day. By December 2009 my WBC precipitously dropped to 42,000. It has remained in the 42-52,000 range ever since, with every 3-4 month visits to my hematologist. No side effects from the 3 gm/day of AHCC at any time. Four months ago on a self-trial I did I did increase the AHCC for 3 months to 4 gm/day for 3 months, but after the 3 months my WBC did not drop. I now continue on the 3 gm/day and am thankful for this medicine. I believe it has helped to control what appeared to be a steadily increase in WBC beginning in 2006."*

Dwight S
Palm, FLX


“I have been battling stage IV lung cancer for the last 2 years, I had already 75 chemo treatments without stopping, and my blood is still perfect, like a healthy person. These pills are amazing!!!”*

Laura P
Miami, FL


"Received HCV in a blood transfusion in 1989. ALT levels reached 660 in Oct 2002. Read about AHCC in a newsletter and started taking it. By Oct 2004, ALT levels returned to normal (49) and remained in the 40-70 range since with a 1 gram daily maintenance dosage. An additional benefit is that I rarely get sick, and when I start to get sick I double up on AHCC and recover quickly."*

Dan B
San Diego, CA


"Well! My fitness levels have gone through the roof! My lung function has improved exponentially. Since I was young I always felt a lung capacity restriction, which meant I got out of breath easily. Now I feel my lung capacity increasing, which is very noticeable. I also find myself calmer, much calmer than I normally am. This means I can manage myself more effectively, and be more available to other people and their needs. This new calmness allows me to develop a greater self-reflective capacity, so I can access what is going on more deeply within me instead of constantly being hijacked by my emotions. I am starting to think this is the only supplement I need."*

James B.
London, UK


*Specific results not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.
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